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The Sheridan County Elections Office manages all elections and associated records and forms for Sheridan County. Please use the menu on the right side of the page to explore additional information relating to the Elections Office and voting within Sheridan County.

2018 Key Election  Dates

2018 Voter Information Sheet

General Information

Congressional Delegation
Current Elected Officials
Elected Officials – 2018 Expiring Terms

– Interactive Wyoming Election Calendar

– Wyoming Voter Registration – Must be filed with the County Clerk in your County of residence.

– Election Results Archive

View Election Ballots for your precinct (when available).

Boundary Maps

City Precinct House-Senate Small
City Sheridan Limits and Precinct Small
City Sheridan Precinct Medium
County Precinct House-Senate and Schl Dist Large
County Precinct House-Senate Medium
County Precinct House-Senate Small
County Precinct Medium
County Precinct Schl Dist Medium

Additional Elections Resources

Information on statewide elections, voter requirements and other information is available at the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website.

State of Wyoming Polling place locator
Tip: type in County then select city, rather than using zip code feature

State of Wyoming Elections Directory

The online home of the Wyoming Legislature is also a great resource for additional information. Find out who your House & Senate members are, along with their contact information, learn Legislative Rules, Procedures & Policies, State Statutes & State Constitution, and more.

Locate your Representative and Senator

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