Sheridan County Weed And Pest

The Wyoming State Legislature enacted the Wyoming Weed and Pest Control Act in 1973. The Act legitimately established each Wyoming County as a Weed and Pest Control District.

The districts are designed to serve you and are primarily financed by your local tax dollars.

A board of directors composed of seven members governs the Weed and Pest District. Members are appointed by the respective County Commissioners and serve their county without pay. They do receive mileage and are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses.

The board of directors holds monthly public meetings to discuss district business. You are encouraged to attend!

Sheridan County Weed & Pest Control District is geared to meet specific weed or pest needs in the county.

The major function of the district is to implement effective prevention, containment, and weed and pest management programs on all lands within the district. Professionally trained individuals are there to help you set up your individual weed or pest program.

Special programs were also created under the Act, such as the Weed and Pest Special Management Program. This program utilizes an Integrated Management System, which exercises all proven methods for preventing, containing, or controlling specific plants or pests.

The district strives to achieve the best management with minimal environmental damage by employing Integrated Management Systems that take into consideration:

  1. The most efficient and effective methods
  2. Scientific evidence and current technology
  3. Physiology and habitat of the site
  4. The economic, social, and ecological consequences of the program
  5. The economic considerations

If you would like to become actively involved in saving our land from noxious weeds, please contact your Weed and Pest Control District supervisor.

Did You Know

  • We manage the following programs:
    • Leafy Spurge Program – sprays Leafy Spurge in the County and this crew works on bigger places that are infested with Leafy Spruge. There is also Aphthona flea beetle that the program works with and collects and moves the bugs around to different infestations. With the Leafy Spurge program, the customer pays 20% of labor and 20% of chemical.
    • General Program – the General Sales Program offers cost share on chemicals for County residents. There is a wide selection of herbicides and pesticides that people may use to control their designated and declared noxious weeds and pests. County residents only pay 20% of the chemicals bought.
    • Small Acreage Program – this program is designed for people with properties ranging from 1 to 80 acres. The crew sprays all the designated and declared noxious weeds. County residents are on the cost share and all jobs except for Leafy Spurge jobs, they will pay 50% of the labor and 20% of the chemical costs.
    • Mosquito Program
    • Equipment Rental Program – there is equipment that land owners may borrow from the District to spray their noxious weeds. There are 3 large sprayers, 2 small trailer sprayers, 2 slide-in trailers, a Rozol Prairie dog baiter machine and 3 gopher getter juniors.
    • Equipment Building Program
  • We can provide technical assistance to set up a weed or pest management program using integrated management.
  • We cost-share programs that reduce the cost of managing certain weeds or pests.
  • We have inspection services to attest your fields meet Wyoming Certification Standards and certify the resulting forages are certified weed-free.
  • We can tap the resources of the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council, the University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, and various other federal, state, and private organizations.