Community Heroes

Special Olympics Torch Run

 TorchRunners200 Torch Run Finish

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Certificate of Valor

Michael Dupuis, Sr. & Michael Dupuis, Jr.

valorawardOn September 25, 2010, Michael Dupuis Sr. and his son, Michael Dupuis Jr., were hunting west of Sheridan near Soldier Creek Road. While standing on a hill, the two observed as a small vehicle flipped and crashed into a barrow ditch along side the road. The two rushed to the scene of the accident and found the vehicle on fire and its two occupants badly injured. Michael Sr. and Michael Jr. quickly freed the the occupants from the vehicle and moved them to safety.

On September 28, 2010, Sheridan County Sheriff Dave W. Hofmeier and Deputy Cpl. Allen Thompson presented Michael Dupuis, Sr. and Michael Dupuis, Jr. with Certificates of Valor. Their courageous actions likely saved the lives of two individuals.

Photo: From left, Sheriff Hofmeier, Michael Dupuis, Jr., Michael Dupuis, Sr., and Cpl. Allen Thompson

“Good Decision” Award

Joshua Thayer

good_decisionMid-Afternoon on March 18, 2011, Joshua Thayer was riding his bicycle along Bridge Street in Dayton when he located a loaded handgun by the fence.

Rather than playing with the gun, Joshua elected to contact a nearby adult and let them know what he had found.

After making the gun safe, the adult contacted the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office.

Thanks to Joshua’s quick thinking, a potentially dangerous situation was safely handled.

For his actions, Deputy Brian McPhillips (the investigating Deputy), presented Joshua with a “Good Decision” Award.

Also present for the presentation were Sheriff Dave W. Hofmeier, the Sheriff’s Special Response Team and School Resource Deputies.

Photo: Joshua Thayer & Deputy Brian McPhillips