officeIn 2006, the Sheridan County Detention Center was recently refitted to accommodate 126 inmates at any given time. Prior to that, our facility was designed to house approximately 50 inmates. The remodel and addition that was recently completed has provided substantially more space, including approximately 76 additional beds, and overcrowding in the facility has not been an issue.

The Detention Center offers various programs and services for the inmates during their incarceration. These include mental health, AA Meetings, work release, inmate kitchen work, a GED Completion program, and religious services.

mountain sunsetThe Sheridan County Detention Center is comprised of 22 Detention Officers and more than 30 Control Operators, and is headed by Lt. Emily Heizer. Lt. Heizer has been a hard working member of the detentions team for 15+ years. During her tenure, Lt. Heizer has been deeply involved in enhancing operations.

Over the past few years, the Detention Center has expanded it’s operations to include full time nursing staff, a kitchen that is responsible for the preparation of all inmate meals, and the implementation of security measures to enhance the safety for inmates and detention officers alike.

To contact the Sheridan County Detention Center, you may call (307) 672-5623.