County & Prosecuting Attorney's Office

(307) 674-2580
(307) 674-2585 Fax
148 South Brooks Street
Sheridan, WY 82801
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
Matthew F. Redle


This office acts as:
  • the civil legal counsel for the county and its officers acting in their official capacities;
  • prosecutor for the state in all felony, misdemeanor and juvenile court proceedings arising in the county;
  • defendant against all petitions for writs of habeas corpus filed in the county;
  • render assistance as may be necessary to the Attorney General in the preparation and argument of criminal appeals;
  • appear at all inquests held by the County Coroner;
  • appear at all sessions of any grand jury convened within the county;
  • appear in the public interest at all involuntary hospitalization proceedings;
  • issue legal opinions in writing upon the request of any county officer relating to the duries of that officer;
  • examine the bonds offered by every county officer prior to their approval by the Board of County Commissioners or the District Judge and report whether such bonds are executed as required by law; and 
  • perform such other duties as are prescribed by law

Did You Know

   (1)  Attorneys in this office are prohibited from representing private individuals, with the exception of immediate family members
   (2)  Requests for investigation should be made directly to those law enforcement agencies with jurisdictions.
                                                     Sheridan County Sheriff's Office
                                                                    (307) 672-3453
                                                       Sheridan Police Department
                                                                    (307) 672-2413
                                                            Wyoming Game & Fish
                                                                    (307) 672-7418
                                             Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation
                                                                    (307) 777-7181
                                                            Wyoming Highway Patrol
                                                                    (307) 777-4321 
                                                           Ranchester Police Department
                                                                    (307) 655-2283
                                                    IN CASE OF EMERGENCY - DIAL 911
  (3)  Crime Victims may obtain information about pending cases by calling:
                  The County & Prosecuting Attorney's Office
                                    (307) 674-2580
                        The Advocacy & Resource Center
                                     (307) 672-7471
                                     (307) 674-5213 (Satellite Office)
  (4)  For statistical information regarding crime in Wyoming:
  (5)  For sex offender registration information:


Matthew F. Redle, County and Prosecuting Attorney
Dianna Bennett, Deputy County and Prosecuting Attorney
Sheryl Bunting, Deputy County and Prosecuting Attorney
Lynn Smith, Deputy County and Prosecuting Attorney
Christopher LaRosa, Deputy County and Prosecuting Attorney
Darci Phillips, Deputy County and Prosecuting Attorney
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