Auto Title Information

To obtain a Wyoming Title, the previous title or Manufacturers Statement of Origin must be surrendered to the County Clerk's office. Depending on the circumstance, additional forms such as a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or HIN (Hull Identification Number) inspection must also be presented.

Forms available for use:

Affidavit of Distribution
Use of this form does not constitute legal advice by any deputy of the County Clerk's office or County Department.  It is advised that the Affiant seek legal advice.

Affidavit of Fact
The Affidavit of Fact form must be completed and submitted with the title transfer document(s) when erroneous information has been entered on the document(s) by either the Seller or the Buyer.

Mobile Home Affidavit
To surrender a mobile home to be real property.

Affidavit of Ownership
If you are unable to provide the County Clerk with an existing certificate of title that assigns the prior owner's interest, a notarized bill of sale, or other evidence of ownership that satisfies the County Clerk that you own the vehicle, you need to fill out an Affidavit of Ownership

Application for State of Wyoming Title and VIN / HIN Inspection Form
The application is used when a title is going to be issued off of an out of state title. The top portion must be completed by the purchaser and signed in front of a Notary. The bottom portion must be completed by a Law Enforcement Officer in the State of Wyoming.  The application may be submitted to the County Clerk's office, along with the properly executed prior title and an Odometer Statement and/or Security Agreement/Financing Statement if applicable. For more information see, VIN / HIN inspection information.

Application for Duplicate Title
If you have lost a title that was properly filed in the Sheridan County Clerk's Office, you can apply for a Duplicate Title. If there is an open lien on our copy of the title, you will need to get a lien release. If the lien has not been paid off then you need to obtain a letter from the lien holder advising us that they are aware that you are obtaining a Duplicate Title.

Application for State Assigned VIN
State-assigned vehicle identification numbers (VIN) are issued to homemade or rebuilt vehicles which do not have a VIN, and to vehicles which have more than one VIN. Vehicle owners shall apply to WYDOT for a state-assigned VIN if any part of the vehicle on which the VIN appears is replaced -or- a vehicle part containing the VIN is incorporated into another vehicle.  The form may also be accessed through WYDOT's website by clicking here.

    Contact for State Assigned VIN:

    WYDOT-Motor Vehicle Services
    5300 Bishop Boulevard

    Cheyenne WY 82009

    Ph:  (307) 777-4710

Application for Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle Decal
For further information regarding Salvage and Rebuilt vehicles visit the Wyoming Department of Transportation website by clicking here.

Lien Release/Term
To release your interest in a piece of collateral, such as a vehicle or trailer.

Odometer Statement
The Odometer Statement is used to disclose the mileage of a vehicle. Federal law requires an odometer statement for vehicles with ten years of road service or less.

Privacy Disclosure Release for Vehicle Record
To receive a Wyoming vehicle history record, the requester must complete this form.

Seller's Affidavit of Sale
To provide proof of prior ownership of a vehicle, trailer, etc.

Transitional Ownership Document
This document is for use solely in perfecting security interests in vehicles when the certificate of title to the vehicle or motor vehicle is not available for perfection of the lien pursuant to W.S. 31-2-801(f).

UCC 1 Financing Statement
UCC 1 Financing Statement Addendum
Please read attached Instructions for National UCC Financing Statement and Addendum.

UCC 3 Financing Statement Amendment
UCC 3 Financing Statement Addendum to Amendment
Please read attached Instructions for National UCC Financing Statement Amendment and Addendum.

Warranty & Notarization Statement
Warranty and Notarization Statements are generally attached to the yellow titles that Wyoming issued when the notary section was removed. This form can also be used for additional signatures of owners. For example, if you need to get an owner to sign off on a title, you could mail the form to the owner instead of the actual title.

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