Clerk of District Court

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224 S. Main Street
Suite B-11
Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Nickie Arney, Clerk of the District Court
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District Court is a court of general jurisdiction. Its cases consist of: civil matters over $50,000 (Judgments, Divorces, Torts, Adoptions, etc.) criminal felonies, juvenile crimes, neglect and children in need of supervision (CHINS), paternity and child support enforcement cases as well as probate matters such as estates or involuntary commitments. The District Court Clerk's office is responsible for maintaining the permanent records of all cases filed in the Fourth Judicial District Court for Sheridan County dating back to the late 1800s. It is also an acceptance agency for passport applications. The Clerk's duties include the following:a. Attend selected sessions of court;
  1. File indictments, information and verdicts;
  2. Process legal actions of a civil nature where claims exceed $50,000;
  3. Provide copies of divorce decrees and maintain the records of divorce proceedings;
  4. Prepare appellate records
  5. Record transcripts of judgment from the limited jurisdiction courts, and out-of-county/state judgments.
  6. Oversee jury management
  7. Collect and disburse fines, court costs, forfeitures, fees, and service charges.
  8. Collect and disburse court-ordered monies
  9. Issue Process
  10. Maintain court registry
  11. Audit guardianship and conservatorship reports
  12. Receive and distribute child support payments
  13. Compile and provide statistical data for state agencies and the judiciary
  14. Process passport applications 
This office strives to help each and every person in a professional, efficient and respectful manner.
Sheridan County District Court is presided over by Judge John G. Fenn.  The Court Administrator can be contacted at 307-674-4478, fax number 307-674-4470.

Did You Know

  • Duties:  The staff is here to assist with processing documents, instruct on procedure, and aid in file research.
  • Types of Cases:  Family court (divorce, paternity, child custody and support), civil disputes for amounts greater than $50,000, felony criminal matters (no misdemeanors or traffic violations), probate (guardianships, conservatorships and wills), and *juvenile, *involuntary hospitalizations and *adoptions (*CONFIDENTIAL MATTERS).  District Court also acts as the Appellate Court of lesser jurisdictions (Circuit Court and Municipal Court) in Sheridan County.
  • Child Support Payments:  We receipt and disburse child support payments.  Generally, if a payment is received by 2:00 pm, it will be paid out the same day.
  • Filing Fees:  The filing fee to open a new case or re-open an existing civil case is $70.  Demand for a six-person jury trial is $50; for 12-person is $150.  Fees for appealing a case from District Court to the Wyoming Supreme Court is $70.  (Wyoming Supreme Court will also require an $85 filing fee for appeal).
  • Additional Fees/Costs:  By statute, we must charge for any copies of requested documents.  The cost is $1 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page.  If the document needs to be certified, there is an additional $.50 charge. Record search is $10.
  • Forms:  A party wishing to act as his own attorney in a divorce, a modification for custody or child support, or a name change may purchase form packets from this office.  The cost is $10 per packet except name changes which are $5.
  • Passports:  This office is an acceptance agent for United States Passport applications.  Currently, general passport processing is four to six weeks. The Passport Book is $135 per adult and $105 for a minor.  A Passport Card is $55 for an adult and $40 for a minor.  Expedited processing is three weeks and the cost is an additional $60 per application.  We are unable to accept credit cards, but gladly accept checks and cash.  For additional valuable information visit the US Department of State's web site at  Applications may be obtained through this office or the above-referenced website.   NOTE:  We regret that effective January 1, 2015 we will no longer be an acceptance facility for U.S. Passport Applications.  Please contact the U.S. Dept. of State at or (877)-487-2778 for information on the nearest acceptance facility.
  • Jury Duty:  Potential jurors are randomly selected from lists of registered voters and licensed drivers provided by the state.  Jurors serve for a four-month term.  If called to serve on a trial, by statute they are paid $30 per day plus mileage over 5 miles. Jury Duty is not an option IT IS THE LAW.  The Clerk may excuse a person may from jury duty only under one of several excuses allowed by law.
  • Restitution:  Criminal fees and restitution are tracked and receipted through this office and must be paid by cash or money order.  We cannot accept checks for this purpose.  Except in rare instances, restitution is paid to the victim the same day we receive it.
  • Naturalization:  About once a year, this office receives a list of persons in our area who have approved for naturalization from the US Department of Naturalization and Imigration.  We are responsible for organizing the naturalization ceremony wherein the applicants receive their oath and Certificate of Citizenship.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend this ceremony.
  • Important Notice: Please be advised that our staff is prohibited by state law from rendering legal advice, restating the law or recommending specific ways to pursue legal action. Many matters of law are quite complex and may require special knowledge of legal principles and procedures. If you have a problem involving the interpretation of the law, we suggest you contact an attorney licensed in the State of Wyoming. Although we cannot recommend a specific attorney, you may contact the Wyoming Lawyer Referral Service at (307)632-9061.

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