Sheridan County Treasurer

(307) 674-2520
307)  674-2529) Fax
224 S. Main St.
Suite B-3
Sheridan, WY 82801

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Pete Carroll, Treasurer

Vehicle Registration Website

View and Pay Vehicle Registrations Online
In order to accomplish this the PIN from your renewal reminder card and current insurance information is needed for the vehicle(s) being renewed.  There is an additional credit card fee for using this convenient service.  This fee varies by credit card type.

Property Tax Website

View and Pay Sheridan County Property Taxes Online

Property Tax Relief Forms and Information

Wyoming Department of Revenue
Property Tax Refund Program Brochure
Property Tax Refund Application
Property Tax Refund for Elderly and Disabled Program Brochure
Veterans Exemption Claim Form

Links to Commonly Requested Licensing Forms

PRESTIGE (Personalized) PLATES (Application and Information) 
SPECIALITY PLATES  (Application and Information) 
Former POW
National Guard
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Disabled Veteran
Purple Heart Recipient
Radio Amatuer
University of Wyoming

News and Information

Calculate the Estimated fees for Vehicle Registration
Calculate Sales Tax
Sheridan County Tax Payers Guide
Wyoming Department of Revenue
Sheridan County 2007 Mill Levy
Sheridan County 2008 Mill Levy
Sheridan County 2009 Mill Levy
Sheridan County 2010 Mill Levy
Sheridan County 2011 Mill Levy
Sheridan County 2012 Mill Levy
Sheridan County 2013 Mill Levy
Sheridan County 2014 Mill Levy
Wyoming State Statutes Title 31 (Pertaining to Motor Vehicles)
Wyoming State Statutes Title 39 (Pertaining to Property Taxes, Sales Tax, and Tax Sales)

Did You Know

  • We collect sales tax and issue motor vehicle registrations
  • We issue license plates and temporary permits
  • We conduct annual delinquent property tax sale
  • We work with escrow agents on property tax payments
  • We distribute funds collected by the county
  • We issue mobile machinery stickers
  • We mail tax notices
  • We work with property tax relief program
  • We provide exceptional customer service

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