Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers are general information questions, please check with the individual department/office to see if they have FAQ's specific to their department.
Q: Our road is extremely dusty, can we get a water truck?
A: Call our Public Works office 674-2920.

Q: When is Red Grade open/closed?
A: This decision is made by the County Engineer after consulting with various County officials to determine the condition of the road and the long term weather forecast.  Safety of our citizens is our utmost concern.
Q. Is Red Grade Road entered into the State Trails system?
A.  Yes, the County Commissioners entered Red Grade Road into the State Trails system at their November 18, 2008 meeting. 

Q: When is the fire ban in effect or rescinded?
A: The BOCC consult the County Fire Warden along with the County fire chiefs to make this decision. 

Q: I would like to talk to a Commissioner, how do I do that?
A: By calling the County Commission office, you can either speak to one on the phone or set up an appointment to come in an visit with them.  Email is also a good tool if you just have a quick question.
Q: Where do I get a marriage license?
A.  Marriage licenses can be obtained in the County Clerk's office on the first floor of the Courthouse Addition.
Q. Where do I file for a divorce?
A.  Divorces are filed in the Clerk of the District Court's office on the third floor of the Courthouse Addition.
Q. Where do I get a copy of my birth, death, marriage certificates or divorce decree?
A. Copies of birth, death, marriage certificates or divorce decrees can be obtained from the Department of Health in Cheyenne, Wyoming; either by calling 307-777-7591 or visiting their website:
Q. How do I register to vote?
A. You may register to vote by visiting our Elections Office on second floor of the Courthouse Addition, not less than 30 days before an election or you can register at the polls during a primary or general election.
Q. What department do I report a possible zoning violation?
A. Our Public Works Department's Code Enforcement Officers will investigate all possible zoning complaints.  They are located in the Planning Office on 4th floor of the Courthouse Addition.

Q. Where do I register my vehicles?
A. The County Clerk's office takes care of the titles for motorized vehicles, motorcycles, ATV's and trailers.
Q. Where do I get a passport?
A. The Clerk of the District Court office.
Q. How do I find out what takes place at a County Commissioner's meeting?
A. By clicking on the County Commissioner's tab, you will be able to choose to see the agenda for the next BOCC meeting which is posted the Friday before the meeting. You can also choose to select the minutes of any previous meeting.
Q. How do I apply for a position on a Board?
A. First check to see if there is a vacancy in the desired board by clicking on "Boards" and choosing the appropriate board.  You should print the application, fill it out and bring it to the County Commissioner's Office for consideration.
Q. Where do I pay a ticket?
A. Traffic fines are paid at Circuit Court, which is located in the "old" Courthouse.  Use the Main Street entrance and go to the Circuit Court located on the 2nd floor. OR at Municipal Court at the Sheridan Police Department (location is stated on the top of the ticket).
Q.  I want to build a house in the County, where do I start?
A.  First start with the Planning Office which is located on the 4th floor of the Courthouse Addition to see if a building or zoning permit is required. 
Q. Can I shoot fireworks during the July 4th holiday?
A.  Fireworks are allowed in Sheridan County one week before and after July 4th and during the months of December and January.  For more information, please read the fireworks statutes set out by the County Commissioners - Fireworks Statutes.  A permit is required for a public display of fireworks - Fireworks Permit
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