Sheridan County Comprehensive Plan Update Citizen’s Advisory Committee Member Search

The Sheridan County Board of Commissioners is seeking individuals that are willing to serve on a Citizen’s Advisory Committee. The committee will participate in the development of an update of the 2008 Comprehensive Plan for unincorporated areas of Sheridan County.  It is the desire of the Commissioners to assemble area leaders, citizens and professionals that provide their perspectives on the development of the plan update. Committee members must actively participate in several meetings, encourage public participation, review information prepared in support of the plan and offer recommendations over a 12-month period.  Plan elements may include vision, land-use, transportation, natural & scenic resources and environment, economic opportunities and jobs, services and facilities, transportation system, distinct communities, regional cooperation, communities in focus, and implementation strategies & action plan.

Those interested in serving are invited to contact the Sheridan County Planning Office at 224 S. Main Street, Sheridan, WY 82801; phone 675-2420.

Prospective members must complete an Application for appointment to a Sheridan County Commission/Board/Committee (available online at no later than October 19, 2018.  The Commissioners will then review the list of candidates and make appointments.  Work on the plan should commence in October or November.