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County Fair Association Board Openings Available

Updated January 15, 2016:  The openings are now filled.

The Board of County Commissioners is currently taking applications for two open positions on the Sheridan County Fair Association Board.

The purpose of the Fair Association Board is to economically develop, maintain and manage the fairground facilities for the benefit of the public which are safe, convenient, and provide diverse educational and recreational opportunities in an attractive environment. Further, it is our mission and responsibility to produce and manage an annual county fair for the benefit and enjoyment of the citizens and to promote the achievements of young people engaged in 4-H and FFA activities.  For more information, please visit the Sheridan County Fair Association Board website

Interested individuals may apply for the open seats by filling out an application.  Directions are on the application form.

Dana Avenue Closure from 13th to 15th Street

On November 1, 2011, the Board of County Commissioners closed Dana Ave. from 13th Street to 15th Street due to safety concerns for the traveling public and the residents residing adjacent to this section of Dana Ave.  Since that time, the County has monitored the flow of traffic through this area to evaluate the impact… Continue Reading