Monthly Archives: June 2019

District Court Jury Schedule

District Court jurors please be advised there are no jury trials scheduled at this time.  Remember to call this recording weekly and the evening before the trial for the most current information.  You may also go to for updates to the trial schedule.

Sheridan Travel and Tourism Board Opening

The Board of County Commissioners for Sheridan County is now accepting applications to fill two open position for the Sheridan Travel and Tourism Joint Powers Board. Sheridan County will initially appoint one (1) member to a one – year term and one (1) member to a two – year term. Thereafter, appointments for a full… Continue Reading

Sheridan County Comprehensive Plan Update Open House

The 2008 Sheridan County Comprehensive Plan is in the process of being updated. The plan is a guide that is used by elected officials, appointed boards, and citizens in directing the future land use of the county. Updated Goals, maps, and the overall vision for the unincorporated portions of Sheridan County are now ready for… Continue Reading