Fair Association Board

To economically develop, maintain and manage the fairground facilities for the benefit of the public which are safe, convenient, and provide diverse educational and recreational opportunities in an attractive environment. Further, it is our mission and responsibility to produce and manage an annual county fair for the benefit and enjoyment of the citizens and to promote the achievements of young people engaged in 4-H and FFA activities.

For more information about the Fair Association Board, please visit the Sheridan County Fair Association Board website.

Board Information

Board Name Fair Association Board
Term of Board Members Five years
Number of Board Members Up to 9
Main contact phone number for Board Jamie Ringley
Main contact email address for Board Email Fair Association Board
Meeting Schedule Second Thursday each month
Meeting Location Sheridan County Fair Office

Board Composition



Brittany Gorzalka 11/01/2020 01/01/2024  Treasurer 1st Sheridan County
Julie Chadwick 11/01/2020 01/01/2024 1st Sheridan County
Jennifer Huffman 4/4/2017 1/2/2023 Chairwoman 2nd Sheridan County
Jeremy Kisling 01/06/2020 1/2/2023 1st Sheridan County
Susan Terry 12/21/2015 1/5/2025 Secretary 2nd Sheridan County
Liz Kinkaid 11/01/20 01/02/2023 Sheridan County
Jason Koltiska 1/2/2017 2nd Sheridan County
Nick Siddle 1/2/2021 1/3/2023 Commission Liaison