County Clerks Urge Wyoming Citizens to Celebrate 150th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage by Registering to Vote

“On December 10, 1869, the Wyoming territorial legislature passed the first law in the United States permanently guaranteeing women the right to vote and hold office,” said Linda Fritz, Crook County Clerk and president of the County Clerks Association of Wyoming. 

 “We enjoyed those rights 50 years before the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote nationally.  That’s something to celebrate,” she said.

Clerk Fritz noted: “County Clerks are the chief election officers of their counties.  We encourage all citizens to honor the anniversary of Wyoming women’s suffrage by exercising their right to vote.   The first step in voting is registration and we urge all those who are eligible to register to visit their county or town clerk.”  

Clerk Fritz said that in order to register, a person must be a resident of Wyoming, U.S. citizen, 18 years of age by the date of the election, not adjudicated mentally incompetent, and have voting restored if convicted of a felony.  Registrants must produce a valid Wyoming driver’s license and if they do not have one, other government-issued identification such a Wyoming identification card, driver’s license from another state, student ID, or military ID.  

Residents may find Eda Schunk Thompson, Sheridan County Clerk at: 



The 2020 Primary Election is August 18 and early voting begins July 2.  The 2020 General Election is November 3.