COVID-19 Data

Sheridan County Public Health strives to provide you with meaningful data about COVID-19 in our county. Charts will be updated weekly.

Sheridan County Resident Data

New laboratory confirmed cases each week, August 28, 2020 through April 16, 2021.

This chart demonstrates the number of new laboratory confirmed cases, recovered cases and deceased cases per week.

Note: During the week of Nov. 27, Public Health changed their contact tracing protocol to enable them to prioritize high-risk cases and close cases outside of their isolation/quarantine period. This led to a surge of recovered cases for the week.

Cumulative Data

This chart demonstrates the cumulative number of laboratory confirmed cases and recovered cases of Sheridan County residents on each week day between Aug. 28, 2020 – April 16, 2021. Data is not reported on weekends or holidays.