COVID Testing

Testing for COVID-19

Public Health does not conduct COVID-19 testing. Below are your options for testing for COVID-19.

Test at Home
Wyoming offers free at-home COVID-19 testing through a company called Vault. These tests are available to Wyoming residents at no cost; insurance is not necessary. For this test, saliva is collected during a supervised, online telehealth visit with a Vault test supervisor, which requires an internet connection. Learn more and order your test on the Wyoming Department of Health’s dedicated testing webpage.

The federal government is also offering a limited number of free rapid at-home COVID-10 tests to households across the country. Learn more about ordering these tests from the federal government.

In-Person Testing Options
Testing is available at some private healthcare providers, hospitals and some pharmacies. We are aware of the following locations:

Please call ahead to make an appointment and/or follow the location’s precautionary measures to test safely.

Testing Children 18 Years of Age & Younger
Please contact your pediatrician if your child has been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual or if you suspect they are ill.