The County budget process begins in March of each year with the distribution of budget request worksheets and ends when the County Commissioners approve the budget. Below is a brief list of key dates.

  • On or before May 1st of each year all budget requests must be submitted to the County Budget Officer.
  • On or before May 15th the County Budget Officer presents a tentative budget to the County Commissioners.
  • One week prior to the budget hearing, the County shall publish a summary of the proposed budget in the newspaper of general circulation.
  • Budget hearing is held not earlier than the second Monday in July and not later than the third Monday in July.
  • County Commissioners must approve a balanced budget within twenty-four hours of the budget hearing.

Sheridan County Budget Books are available in the Commissioner’s office for a cost of $15.00 per copy, or are free to download. A record of Sheridan County’s audits and financial compliance reports, and the most-recent budget book are available below.

To view the current budget: 2022-2023 Budget

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