Flooding And Sandbags


Seasonally available at:

  • **The City of Sheridan currently has about 1200 filled sandbags on pallets ( around 40-45 per pallet) at the City Service Center at 1148 Kroe Lane. We are open from 7-4:30 Monday through Friday
    If residents wanting sandbags bring a trailer we can load pallets of sandbags for them with a forklift.We ask that residents wanting sandbags stop at the Service Center Office so we can direct them to the right location and load pallets for them if needed.**
  • Fire Hall, Story
  • Fire Hall, Big Horn
  • County shop (south of Girl’s School) Monday – Thursday, gate closes at 4:30 PM; closed Friday – Sunday.
  • County fairgrounds-west side near fence line; unfilled bags available during business hours.
  • Behind the Ranchester Town Hall
  • Dayton Town Shop
  • If bag/sand supply starts to run low, please contact combined dispatch (307-672-2413); do not wait until everything is gone to call.  Lead time is needed to replenish sandbags and sand.

Self-fill tips:

  • Have at least 1 person with you to help fill
  • Plan on using your own gear, bring a shovel; irrigation (chisel point) shovel works best for filling sandbags
  • Avoid injury – lift with your legs, not your back
  • Wear gloves; avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Sandbags are treated to resist deterioration.

“Heads-up” – things to remain aware of:

  • Fill more than one-half but less than two-thirds full
  • DO NOT overfill sand bags
  • If bags are over-filled the risk of splitting increases
  •       Bags have been exposed to the elements and some may be prone to splitting
  • If bags are not over-filled (2/3rds or more) you should be ok, but watch for fabric failure and double bag as needed


  • The county and city cannot fill sandbags, or retrieve them afterwards. Residents are responsible for properly disposing of sandbags after they are no longer needed