GIS and Interactive Mapping

Sample Ballots are now available. To view sample ballots please Click Here, and follow the instructions.

If you have questions about the ballots, please contact the election office at: Phone: 307-674-2515

If you have questions/comments about GIS mapping contact the GIS department at: Phone: 307-675-2473

Sheridan County’s Geographic Information System (GIS) is a publicly-available, interactive mapping tool to manage and access property information throughout the county. Using property records from the County Assessor, the interactive mapping tool provides property assessment and tax information. This tool also allows the user to view additional useful information, such as city and town limits, school district boundaries, voting precincts, and much more.

Interactive Mapping Tool

Visit Sheridan County’s Interactive GIS Mapping Website


If you have questions concerning the property information provided please contact the Assessor’s Office.



What is GIS

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is an automated system for creating, editing, managing, analyzing and displaying spatially referenced data. With a GIS, you can link information to location data (such as people to addresses, buildings to parcels, or streets within a network) and develop a better understanding of their relationships to each other. Geographic Information Systems are utilized in many fields and business; from archaeology to banking, finance, forestry, real estate, health, human service, and transportation. GIS is just one component in the ever-growing, rapidly-advancing field of geospatial technologies, and serves as a framework for understanding our world and applying geographic knowledge to solve problems and guide human behavior.