Public Works

The Sheridan County Public Works Department encompasses multiple components, including: Building permitting and inspection, Engineering, Planning, Code Enforcement, SAWS water system and Road and Bridge Department.

More information about each of these areas is available below or on the department’s respective page.


  • The Building Department is responsible for enforcing and updating building codes. The department issues County building permits and provides letters of occupancy, as well as permits septic systems, answers Flood Plain questions pertaining to properties located in the unincorporated area of the County and issues Flood Plain permits for such properties. More information about building standards, flood plain questions, and related subjects are available on the Building in the County page.

Code Enforcement Officers

  • The County Code Enforcement Officers are responsible for ensuring private property and construction and development projects conform to zoning regulations and review conditions of approval, and issue zoning permits. We are also responsible for inspections, investigations, and resolution of zoning enforcement issues.



Road and Bridge

Sheridan Area Water Supply – Joint Powers Board (SAWSJPB)