These forms are available online for your convenience, but may not contain all of the information necessary to complete an application.  To insure that you obtain the proper form for your situation, you should consult our office prior to submitting it.

NOTICE: Some of these forms are legal size and must be printed that size to avoid omitting information. If any part of the printed text of a form is modified, deleted, omitted or added to, the form is no longer valid to be submitted.


Sheridan County Land Use Fee Schedule
Zoning Permit Application
Building Permit Application
Building Code Enforcement Area Map

Driveway Permit Application
ROW Master License Agreement
ROW License Application
Flood Plain Development Permit

Septic Permit Application
ATTENTION: This is a Septic Permit Application based on the DEQ’s form. If you are building a septic system in Story, you will need the Supplemental Regulations for Story.

PRESBY Septic System Application
Greywater System Form
Story Area Supplemental Design Regulations
Approved Septic Tanks
Holding Tank Permit Application

SAWS Information

Connection and Plant Investment Fees
Rules and Regulations - SAWS
SAWS Water Tap application
Water Rates

Additional information:

Airport Noise Zoning Resolution
Rules and Regulations – Flood Plain Management
Rules and Regulations- Manufactured Housing Parks
Planned Unit Development
ROW License Procedures
Rules and Regulations - Division of Land
Conservation Design Subdivisions
Rules and Regulations - Commercial Solar Energy Permits
Rules and Regulations - Zoning
Rules and Regulations - Small Wastewater Facilities (Septic)
Rules Relating to Building Standards
Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria (Snow Loads)

The following forms are available in the Public Works office, but to insure that you
obtain the proper form for your situation, you should consult with our office prior to submitting it.

  • Agricultural Covenants
  • Conditional Use
  • Cooperative Subdivision
  • Family Exemption
  • Large Acreage Exemption
  • Large Acreage Subdivision
  • Major Subdivision
  • Minor Subdivision
  • Parcel Division
  • Planned Unit Development
  • Quarry
  • Rezone
  • Variance

If you have questions regarding any of these forms, please call us at 675-2420 or 674-2920