Septic System Information

Rules and Regulations Governing Wastewater Systems in Sheridan County:  effective 12-20-2016

Requirements to Install A Septic System

The following requirements and steps are also covered in full detail in the Septic Permit Application.

  1. Obtain percolation form and design guide from Sheridan County Public Works via the Septic Permit Application or by stopping in the office.
  2. Dig a soil exploration pit to a depth at least 4′ deeper than the proposed leach field excavation depth; this may be done by you or a contractor of your choice. Call when the excavation is completed and an inspection will be done 24 hours after excavation is finished.
  3. Complete a percolation test following procedure included with percolation form.
  4. Complete design guide using percolation test and other information. If the design guide is not completely filled out it not be accepted or will be returned to you to complete.
  5. Turn in completed design guide, percolation test, proof of ownership and permit fee ($250) to the Sheridan County Public Works office. Allow for up to 14 business days for application to be approved.
  6. You will be able to start construction when the permit is approved and you have picked up the Permit to Construct from the Sheridan County Public Works office.
  7. Call for an inspection when the system is built but not covered. Allow at least 24 hours notice for an inspection.

Property Owner Permitting Responsibility

Property owners are responsible for the entire septic system permit process. If you have a contractor willing to provide information or services for different aspects of the process, that is acceptable. However, the property owner is responsible to see that the work is done to regulations.

Permitting Fee

The permitting fee covers the permit process, inspection of the installed system and maintaining a file for your septic permit.

Where/When Permits are Required

Septic System permits are required statewide, and Sheridan County requires that all permits in the county be completed through the Public Works office.

Permits are required when any change is made to a septic system. This includes any addition or subtraction of septic system components. Replacing pumps or solid piping without changing the layout of the system does not require a permit.