Sheridan County 4th Judicial District Court

District Court is a court of general jurisdiction. Its cases consist of: civil matters over $50,000 (Judgments, Divorces, Torts, Adoptions, etc.) criminal felonies, juvenile crimes, neglect and children in need of supervision (CHINS), paternity and child support enforcement cases as well as probate matters such as estates or involuntary commitments. District Court also acts as the Appellate Court of lesser jurisdictions (Circuit Court and Municipal Court) in Sheridan County.

Sheridan County Clerk of District Court is responsible for maintaining the permanent records of all cases filed in District Court, as well as assistance with processing documents, instruction on procedure and aiding in file research.

Sheridan County 4th Judicial District Court Judge

Honorable Darci A.V. Phillips
Appointed: February 2022
Term Expires: January 2024

Contact the Court Administrator

The Court Administrator can be contacted at 307-674-4478, fax number 307-674-4470.