Andrew J. (Andy) Neilson 1901-1904

A. J. Neilsen 1901-1904

The ashes of Andrew J. (Andy) Nielson, former sheriff of Sheridan County, and after whom the “Nielson Heights” residential district was named, will be interred in Mount Hope municipal cemetery late this week.  Mr. Nielson died at his home in Los Angeles last Wednesday at the age of 75, according to word received here Tuesday.

                One of Sheridan’s earliest pioneers, he was widely known during his residence here.  Mr. Nielson donated 13 acres of the present Pioneer park and also a portion of the land on which the high school is located.

                He left Sheridan in1917 and since 1921 he made his home in California.

                Mr. Neilson first came to Wyoming as chief packer for General Phil Sheridan on his trip from Cheyenne to Yellowstone park at the age of 25.  He was stationed for several years at Camp Carlin, later Fort D. A. Russell and now Fort Francis E. Warren.

                He came to Sheridan in 1883 and became associated with the Grinnell Land and Livestock company as foreman of the Wrench ranch north of the city.  Later he filed on a 40-acre tract which is now “Nielson Heights.”

                Mr. Nielson gave up his ranching interests in 1900 upon his election as sheriff, serving in that capacity for four years.  In 1906 he was appointed chief of police and remained in that position for four more years.  Later he held the contract to furnish the stone for the construction of Fort Mackenzie, now Federal Veterans Bureau Hospital No. 86.

                In 1898 Mr. Nielson accompanied a troop of rough riders as a packer during the Spanish-American war, but he did not see —–

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