Undersheriff McPherren

From a plaque in the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office, unknown author:


8/17/1877 – 10/7/1921

                On the 7th of October, 1921, Undersheriff William S. McPherren was a part of a posse that was attempting to arrest two subjects that were operating an illegal liquor still about 7 miles north of Sheridan.

                A gun battle developed at the scene and Undersheriff McPherren was shot and killed.  The two men that were suspects in this incident were both wounded but both recovered.

                Apparently, at the time, no one was able to determine who fired the shot that killed Undersheriff McPherren, but one of the suspects was later charged with the murder.  He was tried for the crime but found not guilty.

                Prior to his being appointed the Undersheriff of Sheridan County, William McPherren served for several years as the Chief of Police for the City of Sheridan.