TIPS- Training for Intervention Procedures

Upcoming Sessions:

None currently scheduled


The Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office offers on-premises TIPS training at various venues throughout the county as needed.  If you or your business is in need of training, please call us at 307-672-3455 or email us with your request. We will update this page as training sessions become available.

The TIPS Certified On-Premise course is designed for individuals serving alcohol by-the-drink, in open containers, for immediate consumption, on the premises. The course is specifically tailored for anyone working at restaurants, bars, and catering events or any other venue where alcohol is consumed or served in the away-from-home market. If you are a bartender, waiter, server, busser, valet, host or any front of the house employee you should be On Premise certified to prevent the misuse of alcohol and limit exposure to alcohol-related liabilities.


  • Reduce alcohol-related law suits & fines
  • Local & state liquor law compliance
  • Reduce domestic violence
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce liquor liability insurance costs
  • Prevent drunk driving & DUI’s