Flag Day Fireworks Reminder

The Sheridan County Board of County Commissioners would like to remind folks that on this June 14th Flag Day the use of Fireworks is allowed from 6:01 AM through 11:30 PM.  Fireworks are not permitted on County land and easements, and on public roads and highways.  The use of fireworks is prohibited within 50 feet of any occupied structure without permission of the owner.   An occupied structure means a structure or vehicle whether or not a person is actually present; where any person lives or carries on business or other calling; where people assemble for purposes of business, government, education, religion, entertainment or public transportation; which is used for overnight accommodation of persons, or in which a person may reasonably be expected to be present.  Supervised public displays permitted by the Board of County Commissions may have different rules.

Residents are asked to please be mindful of neighbors, livestock, pets and wildlife when properly using fireworks.  For more information go to the bottom of this webpage www.sheridancounty.com/depts/fire-protection-districts/