Flood Watch Issued

On May 9th, 2023, the National Weather Service issued a Flood Watch for Sheridan County. A strong storm is expected Wednesday evening until Friday night. Rainfall totals in excess of 2 inches is likely during this event. Heavy rain will cause additional snow runoff leading to rivers and streams to rise, with flooding possible. Heavy rain and snow runoff can take hours to reach populated areas in Sheridan. Monitor weather forecasts and be alert for possible Flood Warnings. Make sure your cell phones have weather alert notifications turned on to received updated notifications.

Those living in flood prone areas should take action to prepare should flooding develop. Livestock should be moved to higher ground. Sandbag locations are still stocked and information about those locations can be found at the Sheridan County Emergency Management website https://www.sheridancounty.com/depts/emergency-management/flooding-and-sandbags or by calling 211 on any phone.

Additional information about the National Weather Service’s alert system can be found here: https://www.weather.gov/safety/flood-watch-warning

You can always find updates and important information at the Sheridan County website https://www.sheridancounty.com