Governor’s Office Community Charitable Relief Fund

Sheridan County is accepting applications for the Community Charitable Relief Fund, a program that rolled out of the Governor’s Office late afternoon December 21st

The program is designed to allow “Charitable Organizations” the opportunity to seek reimbursement of expenditures related to providing goods, services, or payments to the public in respect to the COVID-19 public health emergency.  “Charitable Organization” means a nonprofit entity, including churches, which qualifies as tax-exempt under either Section 501(c)(3) or Section 501(c)(19) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Sheridan County may issue awards as reimbursements for expenditures under the following conditions:

The expenditure was made by a Charitable Organization within the jurisdiction of the County of Sheridan;

  • The expenditure was made between March 19, 2020 and December 29, 2020; and
  • The expenditure was incurred for any of the following:
  1. To directly provide a good or service to persons impacted by COVID-19 within the relevant Government Subdivision, as long as such good or service was provided at no cost to the recipient. Goods and services eligible under this subsection include but are not limited to:
    • Food, clothing, mental health and counseling services, childcare, transportation, job training, tutoring assistance to students struggling with remote learning, legal assistance, temporary housing, COVID testing, COVID-related cleaning services, social or case management services, in-home early child development services, and community health services. 
  2. To provide a direct payment to an individual or family within the County of Sheridan to cover costs for basic needs related to or arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. This may include but is not limited to:
    • costs for housing, utilities, internet necessary for telework, telehealth, or distance learning, food, clothing, childcare, or medical expenses (including medical debts)
  3. To cover the Charitable Organization’s operational costs of providing goods, services, or direct payments to the public within the County of Sheridan in a safe manner given the health risks caused by COVID-19. This subsection is limited to expenditures for Personal Protective Equipment, testing for personnel, cleaning services for the organization’s service location, modifications to the organization’s service location, and equipment to allow staff to work remotely.

Section 8. of the Emergency Rules and Regulations pertaining to awards for lost donations and other revenue are not applicable at this time because the deadline for spending federal CARES Act funds has not been extended.


For more information, please call Renee’ Obermueller, Administrative Director at 307-675-2910 or email

Community Charitable Relief Program Rules

Community Charitable Relief Program Application

Community Charitable Relief Program