Notice Of Intent To Amend The Sheridan County Rules and Regulations Governing Zoning and To Adopt New Rules For Commercial Solar Energy Permits

Wyo. Stat. &8 18-5-501 to 18-5-513 requires boards of county commissioners to permit solar energy facilities with a rated power capacity of more than one-half (0.5) megawatt of electricity.

Wyo. Stat. &8 18-5-201 to 18-5-208 authorize Sheridan County to promote the public health, safety, morals and general welfare of the county by regulating and restricting the location and use of buildings and structures and the use, condition of use or occupancy of lands for residence, recreation, agriculture, industry, commerce, public use and other

Policy 4.3 a. of the Sheridan County Comprehensive Plan supports the county working with energy providers to encourage a range of energy alternatives including solar

Pursuant to Section 29.C. of the Rules and Regulations Governing Zoning in Sheridan County, Wyoming, the Board of County Commissioners herewith initiates proceedings to amend said zoning rules.

The purpose of the proposed amendment to the zoning rules is to integrate those rules with the new rules governing permitting for commercial solar energy facilities. The new rules are to establish 1) definitions, 2) permit application information, 3) application
consideration, 4) minimum standards, 5) referral to the industrial siting council, 6) revocation or suspension of permits, 7) extension of permits, 8) transfer of permits, and 9) penalties for violations.

The Board hereby gives public notice of its intent to amend the Ru/es and Regulations Governing Zoning in Sheridan County, Wyoming and to adopt new rules and regulations for permitting commercial solar energy facilities, as proposed in Exhibit “A” attached hereto, and to impose a temporary freeze on new commercial solar energy facilities that shall continue in full force and effect for a period sufficient to allow consideration of these
proposed rules. Copies of the proposed amendment and new rules are available from the Sheridan County Commissioners’ Office or County Public Works Department, 224 S. Main Street, Sheridan WY. They may also be viewed on the county web site:

The Board of County Commissioners shall hold a public hearing to receive oral comments on the proposed amendments and new rules on July 7, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Board Room, second floor of the County Courthouse, Sheridan WY. All interested persons may submit written comments to the Public Works Department, 224 S. Main Street, Sheridan WY 82801, no later than July 6, 2020.

Notice of Intent

NOI Solar Zoning Rules – Section 25

Exhibit A – Amendment to Zoning Rules