This board is reestablished as of July 2019

(certified local government for county entities) 7 – member board, 2 of whom must be professional in historic or related fields.  Advisory members may be invited to serve for a specified time to lend their expertise in an activity, but may not vote in conduct of business.  County members are appointed to achieve a geographic balance with the County.  Commission established and given Certified Local Government status by National Park Service, which enables application for matching grants and functions as liaison to WY State Historic Preservation Office functions.  Commission submits nominees to BOCC for appointment.

Board Information

Subject: Data:
Board Name Historic Preservation Commission
Term of Board Members Three years
Number of Board Members Seven
Main contact phone number for Board To Be Determined
Main contact email address for Board Email Historic Preservation Commission
Meeting Schedule as called
Meeting Location Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library

Board Members

Donald Fisk 07/2019 07/2022 1st Sheridan County writringbull@gmail.com
Kristin Campbell 07/2019 07/2022 1st Sheridan County hare.kristin79@gmail.com
Christine Varah 07/2019 07/2020 Vice-Chair 1st Sheridan County cfredi@gmail.com
Katie Curtiss 07/2019 07/2020 Secretary 1st Sheridan County kcurtiss@sheridan.edu
Kim Ostermyer 07/2019 07/2022 1st Sheridan County kimostermyer@gmail.com
Edre Maier 07/2019 07/2021 Chairman 1st Sheridan County edre@fiberpipe.net
Jason Weston 07/2019 07/2021 Treasurer 1st Sheridan County jdeweston@yahoo.com

The Sheridan County Historic Preservation Commission is one of over 1,000 Certified Local Governments nationwide working to enhance local preservation efforts. The Commission was established by County Resolution on May 4, 1993 and executed by Sheridan County, the City of Sheridan and the Towns of Clearmont, Dayton and Ranchester. The benefit of being a CLG is the ability to apply for matching grants for projects, education and training in preservation. The Commission also reviews nominations to the National Register of Historic Places.


  1. Promote public awareness of historic preservation within the county;
  2. Develop and encourage partnerships to improve communication with other groups that are influential in promoting historic preservation; and,
  3. Create new or update current plans so that the most effective preservation tools are available.