Historic Preservation Commission

Up to an 11-member board; two of whom must be professional in historic or related fields. Advisory members may be invited to serve for a specified time to lend their expertise in an activity, but may not vote in conduct of business. County members are appointed to achieve a geographic balance within the County. This Commission established and has been given Certified Local Government status by the National Park Service which enables application for matching grants and functions as liaison to Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office functions. Nominee applications are submitted to the Sheridan County Commissioners for appointment.

Board Information

Subject: Data:
Board Name Historic Preservation Commission
Term of Board Members Three years
Number of Board Members Nine
Main contact phone number for Board Billie Little 307-758-4319
Main contact email address for Board Email Historic Preservation Commission
Meeting Schedule as called
Meeting Location Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library

Board Members

Name Title Term Expiration Appointed By
Vacancy Sheridan County
Alfred Hendrickson 11/1/2015 Sheridan County
Kim Fuka 3/30/2018 Sheridan County
Jim Laughrey 6/30/2016 Sheridan County
Billie Little 9/30/2016 Sheridan County
Sukey Ross 10/31/2016 Clearmont
Vacancy Dayton
Mick Kaser 3/30/2018 Ranchester
Ken Heuermann 11/1/2016 City of Sheridan


Mission Statement: The mission of the Sheridan County Historic Preservation Commission is to heighten the awareness and ensure the preservation of Sheridan County’s diverse natural and cultural heritage. (Adopted 10-13-1993)

Vision Statement: Sheridan County is the place where the independent, authentic spirit of the West survives. (Adopted 10-13-1993)

The Sheridan County Historic Preservation Commission is one of over 1,000 Certified Local Governments nationwide working to enhance local preservation efforts. The Commission was established by County Resolution on May 4, 1993 and executed by Sheridan County, the City of Sheridan and the Towns of Clearmont, Dayton and Ranchester. The benefit of being a CLG is the ability to apply for matching grants for projects, education and training in preservation. The Commission also reviews nominations to the National Register of Historic Places.


  1. Promote public awareness of historic preservation within the county;
  2. Develop and encourage partnerships to improve communication with other groups that are influential in promoting historic preservation; and,
  3. Create new or update current plans so that the most effective preservation tools are available.

Projects/Publications Accomplished:

  1. Stagecoach Lines in Sheridan County, 1878-1894. by Susan Badger Doyle, 1996-97;
  2. Brochure on Driving Tour Stagecoach Routes in Sheridan County, text by Susan Badger Doyle. (Copies available at the County Commission office and the Travel and Tourism office);
  3. Placement of signs and “peepholes” indicating Bozeman Trail and stagecoach wagon ruts