Predator Management District of Sheridan County

This Board has general supervision over the control of predatory animals and predacious birds that prey upon and destroy livestock, other domestic animals and wildlife. The Board may enter into cooperative agreements with boards of county commissioners, other predator management districts, federal or state agencies or other organizations or associations for the purpose of controlling predatory animals and predacious birds.

Board Information

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Board Name Predator Management District of Sheridan County
Term of Board Members Three years
Number of Board Members Ten

Board Composition

Name Term Expiration Appointed By
Bob Rolston 1/2019 Sheridan County
Cole Benton 1/2019 PAC Board
Mike Connell 1/2017 PAC Board
Arty Thomas 1/2018 PAC Board
Kellen Little 1/2017 PAC Board
Robert Hamilton 1/2017 Sheridan County
Regina Leath 1/2019 PAC Board
John Auzqui 1/2018 PAC Board
Bob Krumm 1/2018 PAC Board
Dan Powers 1/2019 PAC Board