Sheridan County Tripartite Board

The purpose of the Sheridan County Community Action Tripartite Board shall be to:

  1. Coordinate Community Service Block Grant funds delivery within Sheridan County to assure that the needs of people of low-income in the community are being effectively met in an effort to alleviate conditions and causes of poverty; and,
  2. Develop coordination between organizations and institutions that serve people of low-income and eliminate as far as possible the duplication of services between cooperating organizations.

The Sheridan County Community Action Tripartite Board consists of nine members in the following manner; one-third of the members of the board are designated as elected public officials, comprised of three Sheridan County Commissioners currently in office; one-third of the members of the board are designated as representatives of low-income, elected by people at or below the Federal Poverty guidelines; and one-third of the members are designated as representatives of the private sector, who will be appointed by the elected public officials and the representatives of low-income people.

Board Information

Board NameSheridan County Tripartite Board
Term of Board Members4 years
Number of Members on BoardNine
Main Contact for BoardAnn M. Perkins
Main Contact phone Number307-675-2494
Meeting ScheduleAs called

Board Composition

Terry Cram1/2025Commissioner – MandatorySec/TreasurerSheridan County
Nick Siddle1/2024Commissioner – Mandatory Sheridan County
Lonnie Wright1/2025Commissioner – Mandatory Sheridan County
Zell Derryberry9/2024Low-Income Rep. Sheridan County
Dick Birkholz8/2025Private Sector member Sheridan County
Jennifer Gaona04/01/2025Low-Income Rep. Sheridan County
Judith Willis04/2023Low-Income RepVice-ChairSheridan County
Barb Williams8/2025Private Sector member Sheridan County
Jean Spiegelberg8/2025Private Sector memberChairSheridan County