Request for Proposals-Sheridan County Red Grade Trails – Parking Lots – 2021


The Board of County Commission (County) in Sheridan, Wyoming is requesting proposals for the construction of two trailhead parking areas and the decommission of a two-track as part of the Red Grade Trails System.  Concept of work is to be completed during the summer of 2021. The project is on United States Forest Service land southwest of Big Horn, Wyoming and is authorized by a Private Trail Special Use Permit dated July 8, 2020.


Once fully constructed, the Red Grade Trails System will be a professionally designed, 28 +/- mile natural-surface, non-motorized trail network accessible from Red Grade Road via 6 trailhead parking areas. The full trail system is situated on lands administered by the State of Wyoming, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and the United States Forest Service (USFS). Currently over 6 miles and two trailhead parking areas have been constructed.  

Call for Bids

Each proposal shall be limited to no more than ten (10) pages (8½” x 11”), not including appendices.  The following must be included in each proposal:

  1. Sealed bids Qualified individuals or firms are invited to submit their proposals in writing to the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for this solicitation:

Contact:                                  Renee’ Obermueller

                                                Sheridan County Administrative Director

Address:                                  224 S Main St, Suite B1

                                                Sheridan, WY 82801                         

Phone:                                     307-675-2910


Submit two (2) written copies of the proposal and one (1) electronic (flash drive or disk copy). Please address the proposal to the SPOC above and label the outside of response package envelope as:

RFP Response – Sheridan County Red Grade Trails – Parking Lots – 2021

  • Bids must be received to the SPOC by the time and date specified.
  • No bid will be considered which is not submitted on the attached Bid Form, signed by a proper official of the company bidding, in the space provided.  Facsimile or emailed bids will not be accepted.
  • No bid will be considered which modifies in any manner any the provisions, specifications, or the bid form.
  • A bid that is in the possession of the SPOC may be altered by a letter bearing the signature and name of the person authorized for bidding provided it is received prior to the time and date of the bid opening; this will only be accepted by mail, fax or email. It is the bidder’s responsibility to confirm receipt of this alteration by the SPOC.
  • A bid that is in the possession of the SPOC may be withdrawn by the bidder up to the time and date of the bid opening. Bids may not be withdrawn for a period of 30 days after the bid opening.
  • Failure of the successful bidder to furnish the equipment, materials, supplies, or perform the service awarded from their bid shall eliminate the bidder from the active bidder’s mailing list for subsequent work involving Sheridan County and SCLT including subsequent phases of the Red Grade Trails project.
  • Sheridan County hereby notifies all prospective bidders it will affirmatively assure that minority business enterprises will be afforded full and equal opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and are specifically encouraged to do so. Sheridan County further assures that it will not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of race, sex, age, color or national origin or disability in consideration for an award.
  • Project Timeline and Schedule is as follows:   
June 4, 2021Deadline for request for clarifications/questions
June 8, 2021Response to request for clarifications distributed
June 9, 2021Pre-bid walk through
June 11, 2021Bid submission deadline
June 18, 2021Anticipated award announcement
June 25, 2021Contract signed

Draft Agreement Red Grade Trails Parking Lots 2021

RFP Red Grade Trails Parking Lots 2021