Sheridan County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Awards for 20 Years of Service

(Commissioners -back) Nick Siddle, Lonnie Wright, Tom Ringley, and Terry Cram
(Left to Right – front) Tammy Tarver, Pete Tarver, Ines Olver, and Milt Liming

During the Board of County Commissioners Staff Meeting on Monday, November 7, 2022. Awards for 20 years of service were presented to Tammy and Pete Tarver, Ines Olver and Milt Liming.

CERT is a nationwide program with the mission to educate volunteers and the community about disaster preparedness.

Tammy and Pete helped establish the Sheridan County CERT program in 2002 and were joined a few months later by Ines and Milt. Many people have come and gone from the program, but Tammy, Pete, Ines, and Milt voluntarily served this program and Sheridan County for over 20 years. They have instructed over a dozen classes for the community, churches, and other groups such as the girl scouts. Overall, they trained over 2,000 people in Sheridan County in disaster preparedness. They have aided whenever called on; they manned a shelter during a gas break, conducted traffic control for numerous fires such as the Dayton fire, and provided traffic control for community events such as the yearly WYO Rodeo Parade, Christmas Stroll and Halloween. They have provided equipment for criminal investigations and spent time providing educational materials during numerous community events such as the fire prevention week and Third Thursday. Because of the selfless work and dedication Tammy, Pete, Ines, and Milt provided to this community, Sheridan County is safer and more prepared when a disaster strikes. 

The Commissioners presented Tammy, Pete, Ines and Milt with commemorative belt buckles and plaques for their 20 years of volunteer service to the Sheridan County Community Emergency Response Team.

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