Sheridan County Emergency Management and Fire Warden Ask Sheridan County Residents to Ensure Address Numbers are Visible to First Responders

Sheridan County Emergency Management and the Sheridan County Fire Warden are asking homeowners residing in the county and rural areas, to ensure their address numbers are visible to first responders.

With the high wind episodes that have occurred this winter, homeowners should check to see if their house numbers are still in place and visible. Numbers also fade over time due to weathering. There have been instances where address numbers were so faded that responders to emergency calls lost valuable time responding, only to pass the address before re-tracing their steps to find the home.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain their house number.  Help Emergency Medical Services, Fire, and Law Enforcement responders help you.  Please check your numbers, clear vegetation from them and replace if needed.  It is recommended that numbers be at least four inches tall, reflective, and easily visible from both direction of the road.  Reflective numbers are available at local hardware stores. Non-reflective 3” numbers and metal placards for the numbers (if a placard is needed) can also be obtained from County Public Works on the 4th floor of the addition to the courthouse.