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Sheridan County COVID-19

Tests Performed-857

Negative Test Results-813 (Other tests pending)

Positive Cases-12



Three Sheridan County variances are currently in effect and will remain in effect until Friday, May 15, 2020.  Those variances allow limited indoor and outdoor seating for all restaurants, cafes, bars, breweries, and other establishments serving food and drink, along with modified church services.

State Health Officer Alexia Harrist released the fourth continuation of statewide health orders.  Those orders go into effect on Friday, May 15, 2020 and are set to expire May 31, 2020.  Those orders closely match the current Sheridan County variances and grant more allowances in some cases.  As a result, Sheridan County will NOT re-apply for those variances, but will continue to evaluate the need for county-wide variances in the coming week.

The new state orders can be found on the Wyoming department of Health website at:

The state and local phased approach of reopening will be closely monitored by Sheridan County Public Health and the Sheridan County Health Officer relating to new local COVID-19 cases.

All three Sheridan County variances and their restrictions can be viewed at

If someone believes an organization or business is violating the current state health orders or county variances, please call the Sheridan Law Enforcement Center at 307-672-3455.

Any business or organization wanting to apply for an exception can call Sheridan County Public Health at 307-672-5169.

Sheridan Memorial Hospital is now analyzing COVID-19 tests within its facility but testing supplies for in-house analyses are limited. A combination of local, state and commercial labs will be used to analyze Sheridan County COVID-19 tests. 

Sheridan Memorial Hospital has a Dedicated Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phone Number 307-672-1004. This line is strictly for those who are experiencing fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Tests are being administered in a number of locations around town depending on how you are screened. The provider who orders your test will direct you to the appropriate testing location at the time of your screening.

For patients 12 and under, a separate testing location has been established. Parents can call 307-675-5555 to visit with a pediatric specialist and determine whether testing is needed.