Sheridan County COVID-19

Tests Performed-1146

Negative Test Results-1103 (Other tests pending)

Positive Cases-12



The Sheridan County IMT was made aware there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 in Sheridan County. This particular case is unique because the elderly patient is from out-of-state and was travelling through the Sheridan area with family. The patient was seen at Sheridan Memorial Hospital and was subsequently tested for COVID-19.

Sheridan County Public Health conducted the contact tracing investigation related to possible close contact exposure to the public. “At this time, it does not appear there is any indication the community is at risk from this isolated incident,” Sheridan County Public Health Nurse Manager Debra Haar stated. “The patient had little to no contact with the public in Sheridan County and everyone who was identified as a close contact has been contacted by either their employer or Public Health.”

Since the patient is from out-of-state and was only travelling through the Sheridan area, Wyoming and Sheridan County COVID-19 numbers will not be affected. The case will be added and recorded in the state where the patient currently resides.  

Sheridan County Public Health and the Sheridan County Health Officer expect positive COVID-19 cases in Sheridan County throughout the Summer. From this point on, the Sheridan County IMT will only provide media releases if Sheridan County Public Health is concerned of possible community exposure or spread from new confirmed cases in the county, or to provide information to the public that the IMT feels is important.  

The Sheridan County IMT continues to closely monitor COVID-19 within the county. Sheridan County Public Health and Sheridan County Health Officer, Dr. Ian Hunter, will continue to consider county exceptions as they come in. Any business or organization with questions can call Sheridan County Public Health at 307-672-5169.