Sheridan County Commissioners, through the County’s Public Health, Local Emergency Planning Committee, Emergency Management, and first responder stakeholders, have been monitoring the Novel Coronavirus (COVID19) issue. The Commissioners are receiving periodic updates from Federal and State agencies concerning the on-going status and national response to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak. A majority of U.S. cases, reported by the media, involve return travel from foreign countries which have experienced large outbreak incidents. By comparison, the occurrence rate in the U. S. is extremely low because of early travel restrictions imposed by the U. S. Government. Presently, there are no COVID19 cases reported in Wyoming. The Wyoming Department of Public Health is the lead agency in this matter and is following this issue closely. The department (in concert with the Center for Disease Control) has issued a number of press releases to keep the public informed. This includes public service announcements containing long-standing/common-sense precautions, issued every year in connection with the Flu season.

Below, are CDC and state links to information and precautions: