Use of Fireworks in the County

Many communities throughout the County have fireworks displays scheduled.  Consumer fireworks are allowed in some unincorporated areas of Sheridan County from June 27 through July 11 of each year, and during the months of December and January.

The Sheridan County Fire Warden would like to remind everyone to use extra care if using consumer fireworks during our nation’s celebration of independence. According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) statistics, fire departments report over 22,000 fires started by fireworks each year. The resulting dollar loss to property exceeds $42 million. Over 7000 injuries requiring medical treatment are also reported. 53 % of those injuries are to the arms, legs, and torso, while 37% are to the face and head. Burns, lacerations, and trauma to the eyes are the most common injuries.
If using consumer fireworks, please follow these safety guidelines.

1- Wear eye and hearing protection.
2- Ensure that the site and landing area is clear of combustible materials.
3- Keep children well away from the fireworks.
4- Never alter or attempt to manufacture fireworks.
5- Never attempt to relight failed fireworks.
6- Never hold fireworks while lighting.
7- Have an extinguisher or other means to put out fires available.
8- Never direct fireworks towards buildings, vehicles, or people.

We recommend attending fireworks displays performed by qualified pyrotechnic professionals.  The risk of injury at these events is significantly less.

For additional information on the use and limitations on consumer fireworks, please contact your local fire department or the Sheridan County Fire Warden.