Waddle Fire Update 8-20-2020, 10:00 AM

The smoke in the air in Sheridan county is coming from the large fires in California and the west.  There was some internal burning yesterday but no large plumes of smoke from the Waddle Creek fire.

The Waddle Creek fire that started the afternoon on Monday August 17th in north-eastern Sheridan County is now 85% contained.  It remains 25,600 acres mostly on private land with minor amounts of State and BLM.  There will be six units on the fire today monitoring and mopping up in hopes for full containment at the end of the day.  If all goes well the engines from Wyoming State Forestry, Johnson and Freemont County will be released at end of shift today, and the fire will be returned to the landowners.

Partial Fire Restrictions remain in place in Sheridan County and can be found at www.sheridancounty.com/depts/fire-protection-districts/  The Commissioners thank residents for being good about following the restrictions and to be very careful with any action that can spark and start a fire such as trailer chains, catalytic converters, cigarettes and any burning allowed in the restrictions.