Waddle Fire Update 8-21-2020, 10:30 AM

The smoke in the air in Sheridan county is coming from the large fires in California and the west.  There was very little fire activity on the fire yesterday. 

The 25,600-acre Waddle Creek fire that started the afternoon on Monday August 17th in north-eastern Sheridan County is now 95% contained.  The fire is now monitored by Clearmont Fire District equipment and local landowners for the next few days as the weather is predicted to remain hot and dry. 

The Clearmont Fire District is grateful for the many donations received to help the firefighting effort and want to thank the Wyoming Cattle Creek Company, Cross E Dairy, Wendy & John Auzqui, Walgreens, Ridley’s grocery and the numerous anonymous donations that were dropped off. 

The predicted hot and dry weather will mean Sheridan County will remain in Very High fire danger throughout the weekend.  The Commissioners ask everyone to follow the Partial Fire Restrictions in place and to be very careful with any action that can spark and start a fire such as: trailer chains dragging on the road can spark, mufflers and catalytic converters can easily start fires by driving or parking over dry grass, and cigarettes tossed out windows.